Purpose of J-CPAC2019

We hold the political conference “J-CPAC 2019” to discuss the current state of world politics through a conservative lens.


2019 marks the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the victory of freedom and liberty over the USSR in the Cold War. It has also been 30 years since the Tiananmen Square incident, in which the Chinese government crushed the pro-democracy movement. As symbolized by these two incidents, over the past 30 years, the world has experienced a period marked by authoritarianism hiding under the guise of liberalism.


However, authoritarians are now leading the next generation into an era of chaos . China, led by an authoritarian regime, has risen to become the world’s second largest economy. Under the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), China has been striving to expand its interests, sometimes referred to as “bond imperialism,” and has been intensifying pressure on ethnic minorities while expanding its military power. Looking at the Middle East and North Africa, those advocating for democracy, authoritarian forces, and extremist groups are fighting each other.


As the world moves toward chaos, the situation surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly severe. There is no clear path to solve the issue of North Korea’s nuclear development program. China has threatened to invade Taiwan. Our security concerns have been increasing. At the same time, Japanese economy is showing signs of improvement in stock prices and employment rate, however a strong recovery is still in the works.


We hope this preeminent political conference, J-CPAC 2019, to be a step in the path through disorder and “Make a New Generation.” J-CPAC 2019 will include discussions on various topics, such as security, international cooperation, and the economy.


J-CPAC 2019 Executive Committee

The “乱 (Ran [chaos])” Concept

We Japanese go about our daily lives with a sense of peace in the back of our minds. But when we look outside of Japan, reality becomes clear; the current state of world affairs is anything but peaceful.


Take the Korean Peninsula, right next to Japan. Leftists who sympathize with China and North Korea have overwhelming power in South Korea, not to mention the tragic situation in North Korea. Crushing the conservatives politically, they are on the verge of destroying U.S.-South Korea and Japan-South Korea relations. The governments in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam are constantly intimidated by China over territorial issues, and China’s diplomatic pressure has not ceased. On the Indian subcontinent, India and Pakistan (both nuclear power states) are at odds with each other and the conflict is growing larger. Europe is also in turmoil from Brexit, riots in France, and an influx of refugees and migrants from the Middle East. Confusion in Mexico and Venezuela continues to threaten the United States in the form of refugees and drug trafficking.


In the same way, events are occurring one after another in Asia and around the world, heralding an era of real turmoil. We, the Japanese people, must have a firm understanding of the times to overcome the turbulent days ahead and create a new era. With that in mind, we chose “Ran (Chaos)” as the keyword to symbolize the era in which we are hosting J-CPAC 2019.


Chairman of APCU and JCU Jay Jikido Aeba