J-CPAC2017, the first CPAC held in Asia, has ended in a great success, with more than 500 people attending from 9 countries and regions, and covered by more than 20 media including 6 TV stations.

J-CPAC will continue to act as a bridge between the conservatives in Japan and the U.S. next year and beyond, and continue its activities as the center of the conservative union in Asia.

We thank you for your continued support.

Purpose of JCPAC 2018

After eight years of the Obama Administration, the situation in Asia has changed dramatically. China has worked aggressively to expand its military complex in the South China Sea. North Korea continues to develop its nuclear program and to test missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. Meanwhile the United States has significantly reduced its influence in East Asia.

Liberty and democracy in Asia, which were heavily damaged under the Obama administration, is recovering since the inauguration of President Trump.The United States and Japan have developed the alliance, and the two countries are building new relations with Asian countries. In addition to the remarkable tax cuts and deregulation in the United States, President Trump has demonstrated strong leadership in issues such as trade, national security, and immigration. By theses achievements, he has become an important symbol for conservatives like ACU and JCU.

On the other hand, in China, a totalitarian state, Xi Jinping is now the most authoritarian leader since Mao Zedong and proceeding the expansionism by the overwhelming military and economic power. Likewise, situation of the Korean Peninsula is also volatile. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has been standing in the “smile” diplomacy at the inter-Korean summit talks and the US-North Korean one, but the uncertainty remains in the remarks surrounding denuclearization, and it is not clear how extent he will cooperate to bring about peace over the region.

Under this status quo of Asia-Pacific region, JCU will hold the second J-CPAC in Japan as last year. In last year’s J-CPAC 2017, over 500 people from nine countries and regions attended, and the story was covered by about 20 media from Japan, the United States, and South Korea. Speakers and panelists include active and former ministerial government officials,parliament members, military personnel and experts from all over the world,and could have lively discussions.

At this year’s J-CPAC2018, we will set up a forum for discussions on economics, national security, freedom and democracy, conservative alliance and family. This event would provide valuable information and time for participants, and proceed the Japan-US Alliance more to save peace and freedom in Asia.