Edmund C. Moy

Edmund C. Moy led the largest manufacturer of coins and medals in the world
as the 38th Director of the United States Mint from 2006-2011. He served as
a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel at The
White House from 2001-2006, where he was responsible for advising President
George W. Bush on political appointments. He currently serves on the board
or as an advisor to four crytpocurrency or blockchain companies: ICOx
Innovations (OTCPK:ICOX), OmniSparx, AID:Tech, and Campfyr. In addition,
Mr. Moy serves on the board or as an advisor to Boxcar Transit, Trinity
International University, Valaurum, and is a Policy Fellow of the American
Conservative Union Foundation. He provides commentary for Newsmax and is
frequently quoted on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, and the Wall Street
Journal on matters related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, gold, monetary
policy, and money/currency.