Rui Matsukawa

Ms. Rui Matsukawa, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party was elected in 2016 to represent Osaka Prefecture in the House of Councillors. She serves on the Committee on Financial Affairs, the Committee on Budget, the Special Committee on Okinawa and Northern Problems, and the Commission on the Constitution. Before running for election, she served in various posts for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) including the International Law Division (1997~1999), where she handled the Southern Bluefin Tuna Case; the Asian Regional Cooperation Division (1999-2002); the Intelligence Department (2007-2010), with a focus on analysis of Chinese maritime affairs; and the Foreign Policy Bureau (2014-2016), where she served as the first Director of the Gender Mainstreaming Division and managed the WAW! (World Assembly for Women). Ms. Rui has a Law Bachelor’s degree of Tokyo University and earned a Master of Science in Foreign Affairs degree from Georgetown University (U.S.).