2023 Speakers

Kazuhiro Haraguchi

Member of Japan’s House of Representatives

Born in Saga City, Saga Prefecture in July 1959. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Literature, Department of Psychology, and attended the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management.

Served as a member of the Saga Prefectural Assembly, and a member of the National Land Council, among other positions.

Served as the Democratic Party of Japan's Minister of State for Postal Reform, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Chairman of the Party's House of Delegates, and became the Party's Vice Representative. Served as the Leading Director of the Finance and Monetary Affairs Committee, Member of the Budget Committee, Chairman of the General Affairs Committee, and Chairman of the Financial Settlement Administration Monitoring Committee

Became Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2009

Author of You Just Won’t Stop (やめへんやろな) and Peace (平和). Co-author of Policy Recession (and a Roadmap to Escape) (政策不況(脱出の道筋)) and 21st Century: Japan's Record of Prosperity (21世紀・日本の繁栄譜)

Kazuhiro Haraguchi