2022 Speakers

Takumi Fukada

Writer and international political scientist; Director of International Strategic Studies for JCU.

Mr. Fukada also serves as president of Daikoku Soken Co. He graduated from the Department of Political Science at Doshisha University and studied under historian Masaaki Tanaka who was close ally of Dr. Radhabinod Pal, the Chief Justice of India at the Tokyo Trials. His 2004 book on the two sides of America outlining the differences between red and blue America was an early warning against the threat of China and became an Amazon Japan bestseller. It is currently ranked the number three bestselling book on Amazon Japan. Fukada has been described as the leader of pro-GOP pundits in Japan due to the impact his book had on Japanese society. His book lays out a detailed comparative analysis of the history of U.S.-Japan relations under Republican and Democratic administrations. His latest book comes out in December 2022 and highlights the political and diplomatic achievements of Prime Minister Abe.

Takumi Fukada