2023 Speakers

Toshio Tamogami

Graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan
Member of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) from 1967 to 2008
In charge of missile defense for all of Japan
JASDF Chief of Staff in Roppongi

Director, Welfare Division: In charge of the welfare of self-defense officials
Chief of Staff, Southwestern Air Defense Force Army Combined Brigade
In charge of island defense, including the Senkaku Islands
Commander 6th Air Wing, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture
In charge of defense for the Tokyo metropolitan area from threats in the Sea of Japan

Director, Logistics Department
Supervised logistic operations, including equipment procurement and supply

Director, Joint Staff College, Meguro
Education on the integration of the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces to protect Japan

Commander, Air Defense Command, Fuchu

General command of the Air Defense Command, Japan

Chief of Staff, Air Self-Defense Force, Ichigaya

Toshio Tamogami